Talking Tom Cat

Talking Tom Cat


“Talking Tom Cat is a very sweet cat and many features like these songs say.”

Talking Tom Cat repeats back what have been said. The sound is very sweet and docile. To speak with a funny voice could be another hard voice. It is a pet and you do what you want it. If you want to sleep or feed him such exhibit behavior accordingly. He's a cat who loves to play and is really a cat with a lot of very useful content.

Talking Tom Cat can upgrade to the full version. Talking Tom Cat can you beat your tightened up throwing slap cats. Talking Tom Cat cat to record videos and share them on social networks by message. He can always save the offender behavior and you can watch your friends. Say something interesting and fun game built to make behavior. The play is very easy and simple.

To repeat just talk and they say or your finger to interact with tissue Tom. Tom, when you touch the screen gives you an answer accordingly. Tom really great app but you can get bored after a while. Tom has now been translated into 8 languages,Japanese German,Chinese,Korean,French,Spanish,İtaly and Portugal.

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