“An application that allows you to chat over the Internet with friends or family.”

This application adapted version of the BlackBerry messaging application for iOS. If you want your iPhone with this app you can chat with your BlackBerry phone. Through the application to make photo and video sharing possible. You can manage your iOS device on BlackBerry touch.

Application allows you to send messages after receiving a pin code. This application allows you to send your video and photo files. Send you this information can only be seen by registered in the first person. Declarations section specially designed for you. In group conversations at the same time able to talk to 30 people. Speech in the group photo video and be able to do file sharing. Most of the reason for group conversations to be one of those used in practice.

If you want to send a voice message, this app is for you. Easily with this application is very easy to transmit your message. Application also offers the possibility to create your avatar. You can change your status and allow others to see your status. You should note that the only person who had installed this application will appear on you. As an alternative when you compare it with other applications can use this application. You can download the Apple Store on the download button.

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