Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans


“Open your soldiers and battle with your troops check your village. ”

Object is the game to create an initial  park layout. If you want to spend fun time with your strategy in this game is for you. You are given information on how to do your initial village level. Need to train soldiers to establish the barracks.  You can remove the soldiers to plunder other villages according to the level of your village building stretch. If you increase your village level can also increase your troop levels.

There are three different sources that you can store in the game. Gold, potions and elixirs that land resources. The more you develop these resources as well so fast. Builders are the most important helpers in the village. If you can come to the increased number of builders level in a shorter time than anyone else. Defend your village as your attack is an important point for you. The main actors in the defense of your village archer towers and cannons.

Your wizard tower next to them as you have sworn to protect. War in the cup system available. If you wash the entire village of people that attacked you earn 3 stars. You just destroyed the village buildings brings you a star. Takes you back to you as the stars in the cup. Mugs put you leagues and leagues you have to earn loot bonus feature. 

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