“Communicate with your friends and family through social media. ”

This application status updates, photos and videos allow you to shares.  Where notifications and more in this application. Where you can see which of your friends have gone all the latest what have done with this application. You can easily upload pictures and videos with the latest update after hotkeys. At the same time as shortcut keys are available for messages, notifications and friend requests. Friends lists groups of similar applications in games and the shortcut key.

Facilitated by the iOS app capture and share photos and videos quickly. Choose to share your personal photos fast, simple and extremely easy to use. Despite all these features have some parts that need to be developed in practice. To give an example of a very mixed chat section and sections to be generated. iPad users are more fortunate in this respect. This can eliminate the confusion of the big screen.

Using large-screen format in the photo gallery from the iPhone to the iPad in this regard ahead. Another nice option with the down arrow button to read the latest news feature. This button if you want to be friends with people at the same time you are enjoying. The positive aspect of the application and be used as a more practical tablet phone. 

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