“This game would you survive in this game is addictive, giving you objective . Possible to play the game online. ”

Improve yourself and stay alive with metals. Moreover, all of them in your pocket.  Win your returning to the building blocks of life in this game, which has become a legend. Each user can create their own wants and the free world as they wish. The game will provide you with a random place.

You will find yourself in the middle of the ocean is a desert land. All around your valleys, mountains, surrounded by trees and animal condition. In survival mode you have the chance until the setting sun. There are monsters in your tracking and trying to eat you. You will be even more difficult to survive in the outdoors.

Digging tools for you to survive in one of the facilities provided. Your basic life begins with them. Then you will shape your life. In creative mode,  you have everything. The rest is entirely up to your imagination. You can collect wood, coal and stone. You can build everything using materials inventory menu. You will not leave your hand when you understand the game completely. Now it's time to use your creativity.

Apple Store on the download button , you can install the game to your device.


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