“A social application that you can share with your friends over the internet.”

This application offers the possibility in any environment where you accessibility to the Internet. Application lets you share your photos and videos from your iOS device. Mobile applications and ears of the application is clear that much fun. Your phone number is automatically stored in memory and does not give you the job.

Application of the most powerful aspects of the course, the easy sharing of videos and photos. More than in front of the application in terms of video quality decoration. You also have the chance to talk simultaneously imaged with multiple people. You will be recording from the computer to your phone as a skype application may also register. You can set up and manage your condition statement with this application. You also have the opportunity to see the profile of a person leaving a voice message.

Application provides users with a very good theme for each update. A different design for your iOS tablet in question. iPhone 6 and is waiting for more specific themes for iPhone with 6 plus. Read your individual speech or mark as unread. Do not disturb mode on the application of tailor made. You can download the application via a link to download the Apple Store.

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