“The photoes you can talk with your friends and a fun program secretly. ”

Snapchat is an app that allows the person you want to send your private photos to hidden lines. A maximum of 10 seconds can be seen in person on the photo you sent.  Everything you need is unable to take a screenshot of your friend made. Made in a short time to talk with your friends via beautiful photos. Extremely simple to use application.  

40 characters to send articles alongside your photo possible. Allowed you to play on the photos. If you want to use the opportunities offered by the application, you can also send you photos. Against the photo you can see how many seconds you will also send you decide. Above the message that if you come with a snap of your finger down the stretch to stop. Period begins when you push the message given to you by the other party. Snapchat also provide you with the option to share videos, mini pull. Given that application name Snapchat Stories.

If you are curious about a lot more Snapchat has discovered parts of the application. You can easily access the desired information. If there is something you need to watch it when sharing social media buttons. Your privacy is turned on , this button might be in danger. A fun application based on information received from the user.
Youcan download this application in Apple Store. Just click download button.


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