Temple Run

Temple Run


“To survive the adventure game that lets you win prizes continuous run.”

It is a game that creates dependency temple run. Free as possible wherever you wish to play this game. The aim of the game gorilla escaped from your chasing survive despite the obstacles in your way. The game begins with a scene of a monkey made ​​fled screaming.

You start with as many escape your control hand away from this scene. You also have a choice of several characters in the game. One of the possibilities that the game allows you to strengthen property. When you collect gold reached a level rises you the right to use a special power.  

You accumulate coins you collect allows you to use new characters. This practice has ensured that the game seems so popular. Assertion of game about who will go further with your friends via your iOS device.

When you die while running the game sends you back to the starting point. When you run the game you will encounter a diamond. This diamond gives you the opportunity to continue where you left off when you die again. The game's graphics and sound system has taken note of the current user. By the way is clear and simple to use in the game.


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