UC Browser+

UC Browser+


“Created by Chinese grocers iPhone web browser. ”

Your browser options offered you a lot more when a new browser. Extremely simple to use application. This application is similar to used more cute safari themes. Just in case the browser open to chinese language.  These instant no other languages. Last updated English version of the practice prepared case. The biggest problem of the low page server application developers.

There are users using the application remains at the bottom of the Safari application. You can download the app if you want to see cute items while browsing the internet. Another problem is censorship, lack of practice. Some sites can be opened due to the application. If you are looking for an alternative to this application options are plentiful.  Safari, Opera Mini , Mozilla Firefox from their best. To escape from censorship to stay away from this practice be required. Very valuable application for users in China but it looks like an application will not much choice for users in Europe.

One of the best aspects of the application contains many themes. Possible internet connection can download videos unintentionally. You can download applications with the apple store. Called application and press the download button.


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