WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger


“Get ready for an interesting experience making webcams. ”

Wifi and the packet data using Whatsapp Messenger iOS experience pleasure. WhatsApp Messenger has an interesting profile compared to other compatible iOS. Short SMS style can make conversation, voice messages and send image. WhatsApp messenger offers you a wide range of content and interface.

Alternatively, you can profile settings and you can change the background color background. WhatsApp messenger is possible to make group conversations with iOS  wrap. Chat groups of up to 30 possible options. WhatsApp Messenger iOS app allows you to make video and photo sharing are interesting. There location helps to convey to the people. Vox offers the same functions and applications such as Zello. WhatsApp Messenger conversation using iOS and important to keep reserves the past remain confidential. IOS WhatsApp Messenger does not contain expressions.  

People with the phone is loaded automatically after you install the application, and will continue to communicate. Application is free but you pay 99 cents more in the first year subscription fee. Discover the new features continuously updating application. Whatsapp messaging network and using popular all over the world like a spider. Photo and video sharing is hosting an improved application.  WhatsApp messenger -style applications, and these applications are very great.

WhatsApp Messenger app can be downloaded by clicking the iOS app store link.


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